Why do I need professional advice?

It is often said that buying a home is the largest and most important financial commitment you will make in your lifetime and with rapidly moving property prices in recent times, this has never been more relevant.

Before making a legally binding commitment to a property purchase, you will therefore need to know:

  • Is the property in good repair?
  • Are there any problems with the property? If there are problems, are they serious and what should I do about them?
  • Does the agreed purchase price adequately reflect the condition of the property?

In order to answer these questions, you will need a local surveyor with detailed knowledge and experience of the area.

Won’t the Lender’s Valuation be enough?

Buyers are sometimes tempted to rely solely on their lender’s valuation report, when buying a property. The purpose of such reports is simply to tell the lender whether the property is worth the price that you have agreed and whether it would be readily saleable, if it had to be taken into possession. More often than not, the report will have been based on a very brief, superficial inspection of the property and will take the form of a tick-box form. With so much at stake, it is most unwise to rely solely on the lenders report. Most buyers who do so will not make the same mistake again!

If you have any other questions about my services - or general questions about the house-buying process, please feel free to contact me and I will try and help you. If I can’t help directly, I will probably know someone who can!